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Our Story

It all started with a loving mother providing some of the most delicious food for her family.  After her passing, the eldest sister opened a diner keeping the tradition of preparing good food in the family.  When she passed, the family legacy was taken up by the younger generation led by her younger sister and nephews who wanted to continue providing good food for the community.

An Idea is Born

Born in the heat of small kitchen, was the idea of putting together all of the available ingredients no matter how meager; transforming them into a meal fit for a king.  It was the history of our people to make wholesome meals from scraps.  Our mothers made those scraps into meals so good, the whole world now recognizes soul food as an intricate part of the history of black people in America.

Our First Employee

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1,000's of Happy Customers

Mama Rachael's has been turning out one delicious home-cooked meal after another for the last couple of years.  With those meals came thousands of happy customers.  With good food and good customer service, we want to continue to make our customers, from the ones we see daily to the ones we see when they can get there, happy and full.

An Bigger Idea is Being Born

We have been in this location for over 2 years. Its a small place, but it has allowed us to meet new people and grow relationships with people and other businesses in our community. We are looking to open a bigger location so that we can sever you better.  So many of our customers would love to be able to enjoy their meals at the restaurant.  We want to create a more comfortable ambiance for our customers. If you would like to help Mama Rachael's,  just press the donate button. Thank you in advance and God Bless!